SCYG Exhibits in the 2019 LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA in Shanghai

        Sichuan Strong & Best Light Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating Research & Development and production of high power fiber optic passive devices, high-power CW fiber laser, high-power pulsed fiber laser along with its power source, control. We first put forward the concept of fiber laser modularization, making it easier to integrate a high-power fiber laser, and promote the popularization of high-power fiber laser.
Combined with more than ten years of professional accumulation, we have developed tens of fiber lasers with exclusive features since the company was registered in April 2017. Welcome to negotiate with us.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Open Time
2019.3.20    09:00-17:00
2019.3.21    09:00-17:00
2019.3.22    09:00-16:00

Exhibition Stand
W3  3278

2000 W Single-mode CW Fiber Laser
3000 W Single-mode CW Fiber Laser
6000 W Multi-mode CW Fiber Laser
15 kW Multi-mode CW Fiber Laser
Industrial Single-mode CW Fiber Laser
Industrial Multi-mode CW Fiber Laser
Optical Fiber Laser Module
Signal Combiner





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